“Illuminati” comes from the Latin meaning “Enlightened Ones”.  They were a short lived secret society in the late 18th century who’s chief aim was to bring New World Order through moral and spiritual enlightenment. The central figure who started this secret society is Adam Weishapt, who was a German philosopher, and a professor of civil and canon law.  Adam was brilliant academically who’s life and discipline was structured through the teachings of a Jesuit School.  These teachings became a major influence in how he created this Secret Society.  Before creating the “Illuminati”, Adam joined the Freemasons in 1774, and left 2 years later after finding that the teachings of the Freemasons were not in alignment with his personal vision. He then decided to create a new secret society which he modeled after the Jesuit discipline. Although born a Catholic, Adam’s vision of the “Illuminati” was to perfect human nature and society by overthrowing the Catholic Church and introduce a universal system of republican democracy.  By 1784, the Illuminati had over 2000 members in which an estimated 650 members advanced to higher levels in the society. In 1785, rumors had spread about the society’s plot to over throw the government and church, and Adam fearing his life decided to flee to Saxony leaving the Illuminati to run underground.  It was during this time that the government issued a series of laws against secret societies. Amongst these was an Illuminati Inquisition to root out any Illuminati involvement in the government, army, clergy, and educational system.  By 1787, the Illuminati was completely suppressed, however the conspiracy theories of their society had just begun.


So the big question on everyone’s mind is whether the Illuminati Secret Society is still around today?  This question can create such a major debate. Whether you are convinced that they still do exist and have a plot to control the world, or deny their whole existence altogether, can leave people at a never ending search for the ultimate truth.  With today’s technology and media, it is hard not to question their existence. Symbols are seen on TV, the Internet, Ads, and even money.  The word itself “Illuminati” supposed to mean Spiritually Enlightened, and there are many people today including hollywood stars who claim to be apart of this Elite Race.  Stars such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye West have been seen throwing up their hands forming a triangle symbol, or Lady Gaga covering or circling her eye depicting the all seeing eye.  These stars claim to be members of this Elite Secret Society. However, does a secret society who’s ultimate plot to rule the world openly make their members known? or is it a ploy to get attention and raise popularity and ratings.  The answer is up for you to decide.

  • Become a 33rd degree Free Mason
  • Become a popular music artist and sign-on to Jay-Z’s record label
  • Incorporate Illuminati symbolism in everything you do, such as the Pyramid, and the All Seeing Eye
  • Join any secret society and work your way up the ranks to become an Elite member
  • Throw up your hands in the form of the Illuminati gang sign to any Elite person you meet


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